Achieving the best defense for the interests of our clients is the main of our objectives. To this end, the Firm is constantly committed to the talent of its professionals. We try to instill in them from the beginning our know-how and our constant search for the best solution to the complex conflicts that we must solve. For this reason, we have agreements with the main Spanish Law Schools (Autónoma de Madrid, Carlos III, ICADE, ESADE, Complutense, etc). At the same time, we seek a long-term commitment in which lawyers and Law Firm can grow together. Thus, we are also committed to develop a work-life balance for our lawyers and employees: we firmly believe that we perform our best as professionals when we can develop at the same time both our familiar and social ties and the opportunities that a modern and balanced society offers us.


We are especially proud of our current lawyers, but also of the dozens of professionals we have trained during these three decades, many of them today leading other teams of top-level criminal lawyers. With them we continue to share our original values -highest technical level, honesty, vocation and absolute dedication to the client and to the pursuit of a faithful application of Justice-, convinced that a good and healthy competition is the best way to achieve excellence and to understand that there are always spaces for improvement.


Two additional aspects also define our philosophy. First, we aspire to help society not only with our strictly professional activity, but also by taking advantage of levers to achieve a brighter future for the weakest. For this reason, we have incorporated as our own goal the objective number 16.2 of UN Agenda 2030: End child abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children. So we commit ourselves to address, at least once a year, ways in which we can contribute to stimulate the awareness to eradicate this burden, providing, together with other legal operators, appropriate tools for this purpose.


Finally, we believe that Law and Justice, on one side, and Art and Culture, on the other, have deep links that interconnect them. There can be no Justice where ignorance reigns and where the spirit and the search for truth and beauty are not nourished. Therefore, we aspire to join efforts to strengthen both dimensions and, ultimately, move towards a better world. All this, from a vocation of dedication to the nuances, because in Law, as in Art, they are the ones that make the difference.


We are highly specialized on criminal Law, mainly in white-collar crimes defense. We advise on complex proceedings and conflict resolution regarding corporations, executives and  assets. We develop our activity mostly in Spain, Europe and Latin America.  

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